Infrared and Thermal Imaging

On most of our inspections, we perform an Infrared inspection aswell. Such an inspection allows us to see temperature differences around the home. It can help us find issues that would have been invisible to the naked eye and potentially missed.

Leaking toilet from above washroom

We do this by using very expensive and cutting edge thermal imaging camera which shows the differences of temperature up to .01 of a degree Fahrenheit. This is how we find leaking plumbing fixtures, roof leaks, missing insulation, drafts from windows, overheating electrical, disconnected heating ducts and much more.

An infrared inspection is especially essential when inspecting a home with a finished basement as signs of moisture can be hidden behind the walls. The thermal camera will give us a better idea of what could possibly be going behind the finished area and what areas to focus on.

Problems are found on very old homes like ones in Downtown Newmarket and Barrie or brand new homes like ones in Bradford & East Gwilimbury. These issues can go unnoticed for a very long time until potentially dangerous things can happen I.E. Mold, Fire, Structural Issues and more.

Pictures from actual inspections by Power Home Inspection:

No insulation on the angled piece of drywall

Missing insulation around potlights

Leaking roof into main floor hallway ceiling

Un-insulated area of rim joists