Why get a condo inspected?

We often get asked by realtor and their clients why someone would get a condo inspected?

Condo inspections are very important for just like a regular home inspection. You don’t want to miss a problem and have it come back to haunt you. A lot of systems still get checked in a condo: Interior, Windows/door, Floors, Plumbing, Electrical, Heat/Cool(weather dependent)

Along with teaching clients about their new condo. You wouldn’t believe how many people do not know where the Electrical panel or water shut off is for their unit. The fact you have to clean not 1 but 2 lint traps in your laundry room and so much more.

All of these issues and more have been found on Condo Inspections. If not fixed or even discovered could lead to serious health/safety implications, and could also cost thousands of dollars or repairs.

Condo Inspection starts at $200.00 for a unit less than 1000 Sqft. Minimal cost for peace of mind and comfort knowing that there are no serious issues which could cause problems present and future.

Contact us to schedule your condo inspection if you are in the greater Toronto area, including Vaughan, Brampton, and Etobicoke.