Pre-List Inspection

A Pre-List Inspection is very similar to a pre-purchase inspection but is performed by the seller rather than the buyer prior to putting their house on the market. All the same areas are inspected and the information is then relayed back to seller so they know exactly what is going on in their house and what should be addressed prior to listing.

Power Home Inspections offers Pre-List Inspections and other home & condo inspection services throughout the greater Toronto area of Ontario, including Bradford, Barrie and Newmarket. Contact us for a free quote today or view our rates here!

Why would you need a pre-list inspection?

When is that last time you took a detailed walk around your house? looked at the exterior, roof or even just opened the attic? A pre-list inspection informs you of problems with your home so they won’t cause headaches during the selling process. Buyers will want the best deal on your home and will negotiate for any and all defects they find with their own inspection. By getting an inspection you can save money by fixing issues and not have to lower the price of your home during negotiations.

Buyers also like the fact that you have a pre-list inspection because they could potentially waive the normal home inspection condition and speed up the entire transaction. Hiring a reputable company like Power Home Inspection will give buyers reassurance that all defects are listed in the report so they have peace of mind. The pre-list inspection is becoming more and more common among homes in Toronto, Etobicoke, Vaughan and many other areas across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

You can view a sample of the report you would receive here:

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