How long will my inspection take?

Inspections on average last 3 hours dependent on the size and age of the home. Older and larger homes may take longer.

Can I stay with the inspector during the duration of the inspection?

We recommend you walk around with the inspector so that you will understand the problems of the home. Additionally, you will receive tips and tricks about your home.

Why should I get a home inspection?

Unfortunately, the majority of people do not know what they are looking for or what should be in a home. A Power Home inspector knows the systems of your home and how it works. The biggest part of a home inspection is receiving the piece of mind and knowledge of your home.

Why should I choose Power Home Inspection to inspect my home?

    1. We only have Certified Home Inspectors that are available for inspections in Brampton, Vaughan, Etobicoke, and throughout the greater Toronto area.
    2. Our Infrared inspections are superior to our competition because our inspectors are trained to use infrared technology. We also use commercial grade tools, that no one else is willing to invest as much money in.
    3. We provide a very thorough inspection
    4. Our reports are very easy to read and have hundreds of pages of information for all the systems found in your home.
    5. And so much more…

How much notice do I need when booking an inspection?

Usually, you need about 12-24 hour notice. Depending on our schedule, If you need a last-minute inspection and we have a free inspector we will definitely do our best to accommodate you.

What is inspected?

Every major part of the home;

      • Foundation, Exterior walls, Roof
      • Windows, Exterior Doors, Interior doors, Kitchen cabinets
      • Ceilings Walls, Attic (including insulation)
      • Plumbing system
      • Electrical system
      • Heating / Air conditioning system
      • Floors and flooring
      • Ventilation and Insulation in walls
      • Other buildings such as detached garage
      • Drainage away from building, slopes, natural vegetation
      • Driveway
      • Overall opinion of the structural integrity of the building(s)

What are your rates?

Unlike our competition, we offer our rates on our website. Just visit https://homeinspectorgta.com/rates

What is included in the inspection?

We include a full-color report usually at the end of the inspection. For only $50 extra. (Must inform prior to appointment)

COLOR prints if you do so desire.

Tips & tricks for saving money and stretching your dollar on maintenance.

And more…

Should I take notes?

Notes are not necessary although some people prefer to. The majority of things will be included in the final report.

What kind and when do I get my report?

Full digital report with color pictures + hyperlinks to listed problems, PDF books on how each system in your home works.

You can also get a printed copy of your report in hand at the end of the inspection. For an extra fee. (Must inform prior to appointment)

Is there a difference if this is my first home?

Yes, if it is your first home we will go more in-depth in the systems that you may not be familiar with. Most first time home buyers are not fully aware of how to maintain a roof, how electricity is billed, or even general maintenance prior to our heating season.