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New Home Inspections in Vaughan ON

Why would you inspect a new home?

Quite often people ask us this question, and the simple answer is that cannot trust your builder 100%. Many problems that may not be visible to a regular homeowner can potentially cause much larger issues in the future. There’s no one who knows your home better than a Certified Master Home Inspector. We’ve inspected hundreds of new homes and know the systems of your home inside and out.


New Home Inspectors in Etobicoke ON

We inspect all the systems in your home including:

Roofing, Interior, Exterior, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/Cooling, Insulation/ Ventilation, Structural

We also use high-end equipment to like Infrared Cameras, Moisture Meters and Humidistats to ensure nothing was missed and to find problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.



New Home Inspections are far more thorough than regular Pre-Purchase inspections. On average these inspections take longer than 3-4 hours and sometimes all the way up-to 8 hours to complete. Our main goal is to ensure that all issues are listed and are reported to your builder and warranty company.

We provide a digital copy of our report to submit online directly to your Warranty provider

Why hire us?

We have over 3000 regular inspections performed as well as hundreds of New Home Inspections in Ontario’s Greater Toronto area including Bradford, Barrie and Newmarket. We take our time to fully go through your home and find as many warranty applicable issues as we can.
We make it easy to file your reports online, after your inspection, we will send you a digital file of all issues found on your property. This eliminates the need for inputting deficiencies into the warranty providers’ website, which can take several hours.

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Pre-Delivery Inspections are inspections usually performed by the builder and future homeowner to go through the home prior to closing. The main purpose of the inspection is to note any damaged, unsafe and/or unfinished areas/items. We generally recommend against hiring us for a PDI inspection strictly due to time restraints and the fact that a PDI is NOT a request for warranty. All requests for warranty should be listed on the 30-day inspection form.

How much does a New Home Inspection cost?

Unlike most of our competitors, we list our prices online for transparency. They can all be found on our Rates page.

Photos of some deficiencies found on our inspections