Category: Home Safety

Staircase poorly secured

After numerous renovations, this 100+ year old house staircase was modified so many times that in the end it was left handing on basically by a sliver.

Plumbing Install

If you’re unsure on how plumbing or gravity works it best to stay away from doing any plumbing work at home.

Watch you face!

The absolute last thing you’d want to see when looking into the attic.

Just a few more inches!

Almost made it but not quite close enough.

Poor Workmanship

Shingles can be installed wrong on homes that are 100 years or 1 day old. This all depends on the workmanship of the roofing company and proper installation procedure.

Look out below!

There’s a big issue when a chimney is deteriorating this quickly. Such problems can cause serious safety issues inside the house and out!

Major safety concern

We always recommend window well covers to shed as much water away from your house as possible. HOWEVER make sure the exhaust pipe from your water heater and furnace are not being trapped inside and potentially leaking inside the home.

Asbestos in your home

Buying a home build between 1920 and 1990? Vermiculite from the Libby mine is a insulation widely used and which contains high levels of Asbestos. A material that has been linked to cause lung and chest cancer. Contact us if you are in Etobicoke or anywhere in the greater Toronto area and are in need… Read more »