Electrocution safety hazard on NEW HOME

Even on this custom built 2+ millions $ house there are serious safety hazards that could occupants to get shocked or potentially get electrocuted. A GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt is a safety device used on electrical circuits to prevent electrical shock.

It is especially critical for things like whirlpools(like the one in this video) and hot tubs as you are submerged in water. If there is a problem and the water gets energized the chance of survival is low if thereĀ is no functioning GFCI.

The GFCI outlet seen in this photo was not hooked up and was not protecting users. We advised the homeowner to not use the whirlpool until the issue is resolved by the builder.

There were other serious issues found at this property that will be resolved by the builder for FREE. Take advantage of your NEW HOME WARRANTY and hire a Home Inspector to go through your property and identify these issues.