Asbestos in your home

Buying a home build between 1920 and 1990? Vermiculite from the Libby mine is a insulation widely used and which contains high levels of Asbestos. A material that has been linked to cause lung and chest cancer. Contact us if you are in Etobicoke or anywhere in the greater Toronto area and are in need… Read more »

New Home Fail

This issue was found on a brand new house that had passed all of the regular city and internal inspections. Just because your home is new does not mean it is perfect. You want to make sure to get a home inspector to inspect your home while it is still under warranty.


Mold can be highly dangerous when present in your home. It can grow in many different environments and cause vast amounts of health problems. We are mold discovery experts, if you’re buying a house or trying to sell one in Etobicoke, Ontario or anywhere in the Greater Toronto area, make sure to get an Home… Read more »

New Home Fail

Yes your new house is ready for you to move in! When buying a new home in most situations you pay for a warranty. You have to submit 3 different reports to indicate all major and minor deficiencies that need to be resolved or else they will never be fixed. A home inspector can take… Read more »

Cold room ventilation

It’s fascinating that some people do not understand what ventilation is and how it help to get rid of moisture in your cold room. On most homes you’ll find a window or a vent to provide air-flow and allow trapped moisture to exit. When you block off this vent you start having issues like mold,… Read more »


GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) it’s a type of plug that protects you from getting electrocuted. IT is required for any plug that is less than 5 feet from a water source I.E. sink or laundry tub. In the following picture you can see that the electrician or lack thereof installed a AFCI (Arc Fault… Read more »

Plastic Exhaust

Plastic exhaust vents are a danger and should never be used for a dryer. It is a fire hazard and only rigid or flexible metal can be used. Checking to make sure you don’t have a plastic exhaust could stop a fire from occurring down the road.


Downspouts should discharge above ground. Why you might ask? Well the answer is simple, we cannot see where the water is going. Is it connected to proper storm sewer? Is it discharging somewhere in the backyard? Is it maybe clogged with leaves? The easiest solution is for to discharge above ground, the further away from… Read more »

Not Insulated Properly

Insulation needs to be at a minimum of r-32 in the attic. The more the better r-50 is what the current standard is for new homes. We lose a lot of heat through the attic when it is not insulated and sealed properly.