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Electrical panels

It’s going to be quite interesting when a breaker trips and you have to remove your kitchen cabinets. Electrical panels need full access to the entire panel not just breakers.

Overlooked Planning

Another time planning is overlooked.

Tubing Recall

Kitec is a company who made PEX tubing that was installed from 1997- to 2007. It was actually recalled in 2005 due to numerous reports of fittings failing. If you have the this PEX plumbing installed in your home it is a good idea to get it inspected and/or replaced. There was a law suit… Read more »


It’s always nice to have visitors. Did you get a rodent inspection when purchasing your house?

Roof Leak Damage

Most roofs eventually leak, especially without proper maintenance and initial installation. When your roof leaks you will get water inside your home and could have repairs bills that could be in the 10’s of thousands. Make sure you know your roof is not leaking by hiring a Certified Professional Home Inspector.


Sometimes mold is obvious like in the picture. Other times it’s hidden and hard to find. Make sure you get your home inspected by a Certified Home Inspector


Sometimes it’s very obvious when your installer does not know what they are doing. Other times a regular person doesn’t notice, always hire a home inspector to inspect your home when buying your home. People also prefer to get a third party to inspect their renovations during construction to ensure everything is done correctly and… Read more »

New Home Inspection

Many people don’t know that they should be getting a new construction home inspected, otherwise known as New Home Inspection. Some problems are obvious but a lot of them go undiscovered by homeowner until after the 2 years when your Warranty is up. Make sure you get a New Home Inspection, 30Day, Year-end and 2… Read more »

Deck Support

When the contractor misses the post and main support of your deck, always a good laugh.


Did your home inspector get into the attic to check for leaks and any irregularities? We certainly do and found a small pond in this attic.