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Dangerous Wiring

When you don’t hire a Licensed electrician that does the work with an ESA Permit, you tend to get a lot of sub-par and frankly dangerous wiring. Make to have a Certified Home Inspector find these issue to avoid potential electrocution or possible electrical fires.

Missing Installation

It should be a big red flag for the landlord when the utilities for this 2500 square foot home come in at nearly $1500 per month, and even more during the summer. Tenants turned the attic into a loft and removed the insulation. There is also 0 insulation in any of the joist bays resulting… Read more »

Broken Railing

Be careful getting to the edge of this railing!


Whoever said home inspection isn’t a dangerous job definitely never had to make friends with a snake.

Smoke Detectors

For your and your families sake please make sure, you change your smoke detectors when they expire. Yes, Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors EXPIRE! Never remove smoke detectors as they could save your life one day.

Dangerous Light

Be careful walking under this light, Yikes!

A/C Installation

That’s why you install your A/C after the builder plants the grass or just think ahead.

Electrical Mess

Especially commercial properties need inspections before you inherit large costly issues.


It’s a definitely a nice idea especially for the kids, but what happens when the tree grows around the cutouts and destroys the outside of the Tree house.